Etheria 2017: Roger Corman to Present Stephanie Rothman with Award

Etheria 2017: Legendary producer Roger Corman to present feminist exploitation film trailblazer Stephanie Rothman with Inspiration Award

Anyone with even a casual interest in cult cinema knows the name Roger Corman and knows that the iconic producer/director/mogul mentored dozens of filmmakers over the 60 years, many of which — Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola et al — went on to become legendary, generation-defining artists in their own right. But it wasn’t exclusively a boys club in the Corman camp and to Roger, talent was talent. Most famously, his wife and partner Julie Corman went on to make tons of amazing pictures both with her husband and alone and one of Corman’s most fascinating protege’s is also celebrated as a feminist trailblazer, a visionary woman who was mentored by Corman and then struck out and made a name for herself and has left a fascinating legacy of strange cinema that had more to them then just sex and violence. That woman is Stephanie Rothman and her erotic horror classic The Velvet Vampire is a masterpiece of its kind, with other films like The Student Nurses, It’s a Bikini World and Blood Bath always discussed in weird movie circles.

Now, the amazing Etheria Film Night Shorts Program 2017 has arranged a very special tribute for Rothman, inviting the often hard to locate producer/writer/director to the festival this Saturday, June 3rd to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where Corman himself will present her with the 2017 Etheria Inspiration Award. This is a once in a lifetime event attached to a remarkable showcase of new science fiction, horror, fantasy, action and thriller films made by emerging women directors. You can get your tix to the event here.

Films at Etheria Film Night Shorts Program include:

“Do No Harm” (New Zealand, 12 min. Dir. Roseanne Liang) In an aging private hospital, a surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm in to stop a crucial operation.

“Einstein-Rosen” (Spain, 13 min. Dir. Olga Osorio) Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him … at least not for now.

“Earworm” (USA, 5 min. Dir. Tara Price) When a reclusive man is repeatedly woken up over the course of a night by severe headaches, accompanied by musical repetition from an unknown source, his sanity begins to swiftly unravel.

“Swell” (USA, 10 min. Dir. Bridget Savage Cole) Swell is an app that allows users to change their mood or emotion through sound. When a young couple tries to control each other’s settings, their relationship is tested by a cacophony of emotions.

“Jules D.” (Spain, 14 min. Dir. Norma Vila) Dreams die, blood is eternal.

“The Honeymoon” (UK, 13 min. Dir. Ruth Pickett) A newlywed Christian couple go on their honeymoon to what they believe to be a quaint B&B in the Welsh countryside. But the cottage turns out to be a sex den, and events go horribly wrong.

“Real Artists” (USA, 12 min. Dir. Cameo Wood) In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern ‘creative’ process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

“Kumal” (USA, 7 min. Dir. Thirati Kulyingwattanavit) An ancient Thai legend says that if an unborn child is sacrificed to the darkness, eternal life can be attained – at the risk of the restless mother’s spirit exacting her revenge.

There will be a 5:00 PM reception and cocktail party in the courtyard. Program begins with the 2017 Etheria Inspiration Award, which will be presented to Rothman by Corman. Discussion following the films with directors Tara Price (“Earworm”), Cameo Wood (“Real Artists”), Bridget Savage Cole (“Swell”), and Thirati Kulyingwattanavit (“Kumal”), moderated by Rebekah McKendry of

The show will take place this Saturday June 3rd at the Egyptian Theatre. More info can be found here.


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