Doug Bradley Returns as Pinhead!


Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Hellraiser actor Doug Bradley to wear iconic Pinhead make-up one more time at Mad Monster Party event

Yesterday, our pals over at Dread Central released some pretty cool photos for fans of the original Hellraiser films. Specifically fans of its central cenobite, the iconic Pinhead, played to the hilt by British actor Doug Bradley. In what is becoming a horror convention staple (Robert Englund dressing as Freddy, Howard Sherman as Day of the Dead‘s Bub), Bradley will be spotlighted at select shows, starting with the folks at Mad Monster Party in Arizona, to once more suffer the indignities of make-up chair Hell and receive unholy acupuncture at the hands of skilled FX artists… and one of the consultants is none other than Tom Savini! This marks the first time Bradley has been under the goop since 2005’s Hellraiser: Hellworld.

Tolin FX in Pittsburgh and Kyle Roberts are responsible for the new sculpt and make-up and, as you can see in the photos above and below, the artists knocked it out of the park.

From the Dread Central story:

“Doug Bradley also told us about the photo op event, which sounds like it’s going to be something truly special for Hellraiser fans! ‘We’re building a set. No green screen. Working Lament Configuration. Lights! Music!’ he exclaims. He continues, telling us, “$260 per ticket. Allows up to four on one ticket, autograph included in ticket price.”

Sounds steep on the surface, but if you’re an uber-fan with a few bucks to burn, this is truly a one-shot moment you’re not going to want to miss. Head on over to the Mad Monster Party site for more information and flip through the gallery below to see Bradley in all his S&M horror glory during a recent test run! If fans respond well to this appearance, expect to see Bradley opening the box proper at select shows across the US and Canada.

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