Win a Copy of Alien: The Coloring Book!

Win a copy of Alien: The Coloring Book from Titan Books

Ever watch an Alien movie and wish that you could re-color the monstrous and miserable Xenomorph a lighter shade of turquoise? A sunnier orange or a tasteful maroon? Well now you can as we here at ComingSoon/Shock Till You Drop labs are giving you the chance to win of these snazzy new Alien adult coloring books from Titan Books (SRP $14.95).
From facehuggers to xenomorphs, and from Ripley to Jonesy, all fans’ favorite characters and creatures and their most memorable scenes can be found here. Alien: The Coloring Book is due out on May 9.
We know you want one. Just email [email protected] for your chance to nab a copy. Put “How Green Was My Facehugger” in the subject line. We’ll choose three random, crayon-wielding characters to win a copy. Good luck, suckers!
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