Watch the Trailer for Splatter King Fred Vogel’s The Final Interview

August Underground director Fred Vogel presents the trailer for his new feature The Final Interview

I’ll never forget the day my old editor at Rue Morgue magazine called me into his office with a warning, telling me that he was about to show me a movie that even he couldn’t defend. Of course, I demanded to watch it immediately. That film was August Underground and within 15 minutes, I was absolutely revolted and horrified. It was unflinchingly real and upsettingly cruel. I shut it off.

But I couldn’t shut it off.


The film was the work of director Fred Vogel and his Toe Tag pictures and the ensuing years have seen Vogel and company become legends of graphic indie horror, setting new standards for shock with the August Underground sequels and then, refining his talents with films like The Redsin Towers and Sella Turcica.

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Today, Vogel has shared with us the teaser trailer for his 8th feature film, The Final Interview, a movie that tells the story of a veteran newscaster, Oliver Ross (Grainger Hines), who visits Western Penitentiary for a live interview with death row inmate, and infamous Pittsburgh murderer, Darius Tidman (Damien Marusack) mere hours before his scheduled execution. Oliver, the show’s director, Rhonda Cox (Diane Franklin), and the rest of “The Ross Perspective” crew set up at the jail and begin the live broadcast. By the end of the interview, Oliver and his crew discover there is a lot more to this murderer than meets the eye.

No release date set for the film yet, but you can find out more by going to the official The Final Interview Facebook page.

Now, watch the official teaser trailer below.


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