Hammer! Harryhausen! Welch! One Million Years B.C. on Blu-ray!


Classic Hammer cheesecake dinosaur epic One Million Years B.C. slinks to 4K Blu-ray this month

Classic Hammer cheesecake dinosaur epic One Million Years B.C. slinks to 4K Blu-ray this month

Kino Lorber Studio Classics (who are kind of going overboard releasing amazing and weird gold from cinema’s strangest vaults lately) have just announced the Blu-ray release of the 1966 Hammer science fiction classic One Million Years B.C., starring Raquel Welch and John Richardson. Long considered a favorite of sci-fi and monster movie fans, this thrilling prehistoric drama features memorable creature designs and dazzling effects created by the legendary special effects master Ray Harryhausen. This 2-disc Blu-ray set presents both the international and U.S. cuts of the film, in a brand new 4K restoration.

Official synopsis: In this vivid view of prehistoric life, a man from the vicious Rock People, Tumack (John Richardson, Black Sunday) is banished from his home, but soon finds himself living among the kind, gentle Shell People There, he falls in love with the beautiful Loana (Raquel Welch, 100 Rifles, Fuzz, Fathom), in the role that made her an international sex symbol and a major star. The two decide to strike out on their own, living by their wits in a deadly land of treacherous beasts and unknown dangers, leading to a thrilling climax by the edge of an angry volcano.


Fantasy film junkies love this movie mainly for two reasons, the central one being cave-Welch in a animal skin bikini. The other reason is the stunning primeval stop-motion creatures created by the legendary Harryhausen. The movie is directed by Don Chaffey, who also helmed the classic Harryhausen film Jason and the Argonauts and it features a strong supporting cast that includes Martine Beswick (Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde).

One Million Years B.C. becomes available on Blu-ray February 14, with a SRP of $29.95. Special features include the 4K restoration of the 91 minute U.S. cut, audio commentary by film historian Tim Lucas, “In the Valley of Dinosaurs” – an interview with star Raquel Welch, an interview with SFX legend Ray Harryhausen, interview with actress Martine Beswick, animated montage of posters and images, and trailers.

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