Mini-Monster Mash The Creeps Comes to Blu-ray


Mini-Monster Mash The Creeps Comes to Blu-ray

Oddball 1997 monster fantasy The Creeps finally makes its way to Blu-ray

Undersized, Undead and Angry.

Dracula. Frankenstein. The Werewolf. The Mummy. In an experiment of the maddest kind of science, these four classic monsters of film and literature are brought back to life… but something goes wrong. Though they look and act exactly as they you’d think they’d look, the creepy quartet emerge as half their normal size. Now, they’re three feet tall… and not happy at all.

From Full Moon founder, producer and director Charles Band comes 1997’s The Creeps (aka Deformed Monsters), one of the studios most beloved and requested titles. Originally filmed and exhibited in 3D, this new Blu-ray is culled from the original negative and presented in a stunning anamorphic, 2D HD 1080p transfer, all the better to appreciate Adolfo (Stuart Gordon’s Pit and the Pendulum) Bartoli’s rich 35mm cinematography and Gabe (From Beyond) Bartalos’ amazing practical make-up FX.

Filled with humor, horror, wit, style, sleaze and silliness, The Creeps also offers one of legendary diminutive actor Phil (Troll, Land of the Dead) Fondacaro’s greatest roles as Count Dracula, one of the most effective – and underrated – portrayals of the vampire in horror film history.

The Creeps is available on Blu-ray on February 21. Special features include the original trailer and a vintage Videozone behind-the-scenes featurette. Visit Full Moon Direct to pre-order.

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