’80s Anthology Deadtime Stories Coming to Blu-ray


'80s Anthology Deadtime Stories Coming to Blu-ray

VHS horror fave Deadtime Stories finally seeps onto Blu-ray from Scream Factory

What video store haunting goon doesn’t remember renting Deadtime Stories back in the day? The cheapie, student-film caliber anthology horror film ain’t exactly good, but it sure was fun. And the cover (replicated above) was and remains pretty cool.

Now, genre retro-bin scrapers Scream Factory, are digging up Deadtime Stories for a wicked Blu-ray + DVD release, due out on February 28, 2017. The set is loaded with bonus features, including a new interview and new audio commentary with co-writer/director Jef Delman, and new interviews with actors Cathryn de Prume, Melissa Leo (who went on to become an Oscar winner) and Scott Valentine from ’80s TV show Family Ties, which was initially the big selling point with this title.

Synopsis: Travel on a mysterious journey to a medieval world populated by blood-crazed witches, evil experiments and captive maidens. Then from the catacombs and dark caverns of medieval Europe, you’ll plunge into modern suburbia and the adventures of a female jogger stalked by a savage werewolf. Finally, sensuality will become macabre, black comedy as you follow the trail of three bank robbers who share their country house hideaway with a sweet murderess.

Special features:

  • New Hi-Def Transfer From the Original Negative
  • NEW Audio Commentary with co-writer/director Jef Delman
  • NEW I Like the Grotesque – an interview with co-writer/director Jef Delman
  • NEW interviews with actors Cathryn de Prume, Melissa Leo and Scott Valentine
  • The Black Forest – an alternate cut of the first story
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Still Gallery

Pre-order your copy today from Scream Factory’s online store and visit their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Watch the craptastic trailer below. Hey, at least it was shot on film!

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