Watch Menstrual Monster Movie Tampoon Now!



Watch “killer tampon” short film Tampoon for free

Yes, you heard that right… menstrual monster, indeed!

Filmmaker Jeanne Jo let us know that her festival-rocking horror comedy Tampoon is now available for viewing online for free. It’s the sweet and ludicrous story of a supernatural tampon that doesn’t take kindly to seeing its “host” get mistreated by ding dong suitors.

Says Jo:

“My co-writer Nicholas Musurca (Stage Fright, ABCs of Death 2) and I were talking about the weirdest ways we could think of to die when we brought up tampons. Death by tampon is actually a real thing (toxic shock syndrome) and at the time the tampon tax was a big issue. Also, I’m really fascinated with how feminine hygiene and beauty products can be seen as abject or repulsive. So we decided to run with it, making our tampon sentient and motivated by a pure love for our protagonist, Miranda.”


Have a look at the hungry hygiene product shocker below!

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