Exclusive Clip from Slasher Flick Pitchfork!


Exclusive Clip from Slasher Flick Pitchfork!

Super-violent indie slasher Pitchfork reveals an exclusive clip

Glenn Douglas Packard’s  dirty little slasher ditty Pitchfork premiered its first trailer at the 2016 Fantasia Film Festival and — as we recently reported — the film has been picked up and scheduled for release via Uncork’d Entertainment with a targeted release date of January 13 on DVD and VOD. If grimy, lowdown sex and death is your beat, this one’s for you. Check out the exclusive clip from the film at the bottom of the page…

Synopsis: Having recently shared a life-changing secret with his family, Hunter recruits his friends to come with him from New York to the farm where he grew up as he faces his parents for the first time. As the college students enjoy the fresh air of Michigan farm country, an older, more dangerous secret slowly emerges. While Hunter navigates a new place within his conservative family, a vicious creature from their past descends on the farm, putting the unsuspecting city kids in mortal danger.

Produced by Packard, Darryl F. Gariglio and Noreen Marriott, with associate producer Shaun Cairo, and boasting a screenplay by Gariglio and Packard, Pitchfork aims to introduce its audience to a horrifying new movie monster.

The ensemble cast includes Daniel Wilkinson, in the title role as the psycho farm tool-wielding killer, with Lindsey Nicole, Brian Raetz, Ryan Moore, Celina Beach, Keith Webb, Sheila Leason, Nicole Dambro, Vibhu Raghave, Rachel Carter, Andrew Dawe-Collins, Carol Ludwick, Derek Reynolds, Addisyn Wallace and Anisbel Lopez.

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