Shudder Rolls Out Cult Coolness This Weekend


Shudder Rolls Out Cult Coolness This Weekend

Streaming channel Shudder introduces a trio of diverse and cool horror flicks this weekend

Shudder, AMC’s specialty streaming channel that focuses on classic and contemporary horror films (and curated by programmers Colin Geddes and Sam Zimmerman), is getting better and better, with awesome uncut HD presentations of some of the genre’s most esoteric titles.

This weekend, the channel has added a terrific trio of cool flicks, one of which is a noted masterwork, another that’s a beloved cult title and a third that is incredibly undervalued and demands to find the audience sadly denied it upon its barely there release.

First, there’s Dario Argento’s mesmerizing follow-up to his 1977 landmark Suspiria, 1980’s Inferno. The second of the Italian director’s “Three Mothers” trilogy (the last one being 2007’s not-great Mother of Tears), Inferno moves its terrors to New York, soaking the screen in red and blue gels (with a terrific opening aided by the master of blue and red gels, Mario Bava) and a pounding Keith Emerson score. Denied a US theatrical release, this one took some time to find its following but is now acknowledged as the major work of delirium it is.

Next up is Don Sharp’s kinky and atmospheric British biker potboiler Psychomania, a deranged and quirky horror flick that perverts England’s “angry young man” films and mashes them up with Rosemary’s Baby and Easy Rider. A bike gang calling themselves The Living Dead, led by petulant rich kid Tom (Nicky Henson, who is perfection) find out the secret to eternal life is to make a deal with the devil, commit violent suicide, and roar back as undead toughs. John Cameron’s trippy psyche-rock music pushes this nutbar number into another tax bracket entirely.

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Lastly, its J.T. Petty’s horror take on John Ford ‘s The Searchers in 2008’s The Burrowers, a real-deal horror western; deadly serious and undeniably tense. This monster mash sees a pioneer family go missing and their neighbors face underground creatures when they form a search party. This one’s underrated. But that now that it’s streaming, we’re hoping not for long.

Dozens more amazing, rotating horror gems await you at Shudder. Go here and get a subscription already!

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