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Grim, relentless drama If There’s a Hell Below out now from Dark Sky Films

Defining what a “horror” movie is has always been a tricky business. And really, a contemptuous one. In essence, defining a genre is simply a third party’s way of easily mass-marketing a “type” of movie to a target demographic. But very often, you’ll find more horror in films hiding in other genres than you will in the often pedestrian and repetitive world in which so-called “real” horror movies sit stacked on their shelves, real or otherwise.

Director Nathan Williams’ paranoid film If There’s A Hell Below (which played at the 2016 Slamdance and  Fantasia Film Festivals) may not look like a horror movie on surface, but it most assuredly is one. It’s a horror movie for our times. A movie that quietly, simply draws dread and unease out of almost every moment of its lean running time. The powerful debut arrived on Digital HD and DVD yesterday (December 6) from Dark Sky Films and is a must see.

Synopsis: Abe is an ambitious young journalist at an independent Chicago weekly. He has a lead on a story that could make his career. Debra, a woman claiming to work in national security, has a serious revelation to leak. She insists on meeting Abe in a desolate place in the American West – perhaps because it is near her undisclosed work site, or perhaps because she will only reveal her information in absolute isolation. In minutes, they will meet. An hour later, one of them will be dead. This simple premise expands into multiple layers of depth as the tension is raised to almost unbearable levels.

Featuring standout performances by Connor Marx (TV’s Leverage, Lucky Them) and award winner Carol Roscoe (Gamers: Dorkness Rising), Nathan Williams’ political thriller is a tense, unnerving exploration of the use and abuse of power and the terrifying ramifications it has when held in the wrong hands.

Check out the exclusive clip below and tell us what you think…

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