Diabolique Magazine Screams Back Into Print!


Diabolique Magazine Screams Back Into Print!

Awesome horror movie magazine Diabolique returns to print

It’s no secret that the world of printed material is in jeopardy and commercial periodicals are the easiest target. Movie magazines? Forget it? Horror movie magazines? Goodnight nurse.

It’s true that most lovers of strange cinema get their news from online sources for free, with fewer and fewer fans opting to part with their hard-earned dollars and others just deciding they don’t need the clutter. Still, as serious collectors know, there is nothing as exciting as a new magazine to hold, carry around town and protect. It’s evidence that human beings actually made something, as opposed to words that pump out of some sort of ghost in the machine.

Fledgling and struggling horror magazine Diabolique ceased printing over a year ago, going digital and leaving fans feeling crestfallen. It was indeed a beautiful, sophisticated horror film mag and we were all sad to see it go.

Well, editor Kat Ellinger (who writes for this very site on occasion) has just announced on her official Facebook page that Diabolique is back, sucking ink from machines like the vampires that it celebrates suck blood and blasting its glories onto pretty dead trees.

Here’s what Kat has to say:

“Diabolique Magazine is back in print! Surprise! You didn’t see that coming did you? Well, to be honest, neither did we. But it is, and it’s amazing.

I don’t want to make this sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, but I do want to take a moment to say how proud I am. Especially considering that my team have slogged their guts out all summer, not just on this (this is relatively new), but on the website and on building Diabolique into one of the leading voices in cult cinema when it comes to elevated, but accessible, genre discussion that offers fresh perspectives taken from a place of pure passion and absolute authority. The work, talent and enthusiasm I have seen from these guys makes me feel inspired beyond belief, and that is what makes it all worth it. The fact they did it, not to gain some kudos of being in print (they didn’t even know there was a “print”) but because they care and just want to share their love and passion wherever that may be, makes me even more humbled by their dedication. For that, I have the utmost respect.”

For the rest of her battle cry, hit Kat’s page here.

Here’s the full announcement from the company itself:

“Diabolique Magazine is back in print with an entire issue dedicated to celebrating Japanese and Korean cult cinema at its most sublime, otherworldly, erotic and visceral. In our cover story we explore the darker elements of Japanese folklore; tracking the evolution of the ghost story from genre defining classics Onibaba, Kwaidan, and Kuroneko, right through to the J-horror boom of the nineties in Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge; before joining J-horror pioneer Hideo Nakata to discuss his career in genre film. This is followed with features on the blood soaked tradition of Japanese theater in relation to the work of Akira Kurosawa and Jacobean revenge, the shocking horrors of Korean war portrayed in genre film and a tribute to the work of the late great David Bowie. Add to that some sizzling sensuality and lesbian love, as we unwrap Chan-wook Park’s provocative The Handmaiden, and last, but certainly not least, a homage to the mythical beast Godzilla, and we promise you this is one of our boldest and most potent issues yet!”

Order this triumphant return of Diabolique magazine here.

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