Shannen Doherty Joins TV Land’s Heathers Reboot

Heathers pilot nabs original co-star Shannen Doherty for an unnamed role

Director Michael Lehman’s cult 1988 slasher satire/ high school comedy classic Heathers has never gone out of style. Starring Stranger Things lead Winona Ryder, the film spoke on bullying before it was a buzz word and had Ryder falling in love with the local bad boy (Christian Slater in his breakthrough role) and devising a plan to get revenge against the clique of “Heathers,”  the mean girls who rule the school. But while Ryder only wants to humble the nasty snobs, Slater has more lethal ideas…

Previously, we reported that TV Land is producing a pilot for a proposed Heathers TV series, a contemporary reboot that mines nostalgia for the original while taking the concept in new directions. And word hit yesterday that one of the original film’s key co-stars – Shannen Doherty – has been cast.

Yesterday, TV Land told Variety that Doherty will play a “pivotal, unnamed character.”

In TV Land‘s new version, Doherty’s original character Heather Duke will be played by Brendan Scannell, a gender-queer revamp renamed Heath. Lisanne Falk’s Heather McNamara is now a black lesbian played by Jasmine Mathews and Kim Walker’s Heather Chandler will be played by Melanie Field. James Scully and Grace Victoria Cox will replace Ryder and Slater as J.D. and Veronica.

Doherty (most famous for her role on TV’s original Beverly Hills 90210) has been publicly battling cancer, so we’re happy to see her climbing back into the saddle. What about you, dear reader? Up for another go in the Heathers-verse?