Toronto! Celebrate Rod Serling’s Birthday at The Royal

Toronto theater The Royal Cinema to host Rod Serling’s birthday bash next month

We spoke to Anne Serling, daughter of the late visionary iconoclast Rod Serling, yesterday about what her father would have thought about the current volatile social-political climate in his country and she had this to say:

“My dad would be apoplectic and then deeply, deeply saddened.”

Indeed, that was Rod Serling’s foundation, his broken heart caused by the often graceless way people treat other people and yet he never lost hope, never stopped looking for moments of beauty and humanity in an unyielding sea of madness.That conflict was alive and thriving in almost all of his known work.

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Serling, with his Emmy award-winning teleplays, his landmark allegorical fantasy series The Twilight Zone, his spoken word, his essays, his screenplays and everything else he stamped his persona on, was and remains one of the greatest writers and moralists in history and, though we lost him in 1975, the day this great man was born is still a day that must be noted and feted.

This year, December 25 – Christmas Day – marks the day Rod Serling would have turned 92 and our friends at the incredible Retropath screening series at Toronto’s storied The Royal Cinema are honoring the man proper with a blow-out birthday celebration that includes screenings, lectures and surprise special guests.

The party goes down on December 13th in what aims to be an annual soiree with a 7:00 pm pre-show and lobby pop-up and an 8:00 pm sharp start time for the soiree.

The Rod Serling Birthday Bash will be co-presented by Robots vs. Unicorns, a series only at The Royal Cinema dedicated to science fiction and fantasy as well as Eyesore Cinema and Delirium Magazine.

Retropath series is curated by genre film historian and writer Richelle Charkot and it specializes in the most bizarre oddities to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the weirdest and wildest that cinema has to offer. Retropath also features a unique lobby pop-up for each screening, featuring local artists with weird and wonderful work for sale!

For more on the event hit the official Facebook page.