Exclusive Clip from Canadian Horror Flick Streamer

Exclusive clip from indie psycho-sexual thriller Streamer

Canada’s annual Blood in the Snow horror film festival, the country’s only fest dedicated to supporting homegrown independent genre films, is rolling out on November 24-27 at Toronto’s downtown Cineplex theater, Yonge and Dundas and they have an amazing selection of new, edgy feature and short films. You can check out the full schedule and order tickets here.

Among the films having their world premiere at the fest is filmmakers Jared Bratt and Vincent Pun’s paranoid psycho-thriller Streamer, an expansion of their same-named short film which premiered at BITS back in 2013. The movie stars Bratt and Tanya Lee and it has mood and sensuality to spare. If you’re in Toronto, you can catch Streamer on November 26th at midnight. The movie will be accompanied by the short film Glimpse, directed by our own John Nicol.

Synopsis: Have you ever met someone, felt a connection, but left confused about what they wanted? Jared (Bratt) is a socially distant loner who develops an obsession with cam-girl, Ivy (Lee), when he discovers she lives downstairs. Streamer stems from one of the oldest stories in the book: “Boy meets girl, boy obsesses over girl.” Is she heartless? Does she even know he exists? Does she feel the same way about him? This is the setting for Streamer, which hits uncomfortably close to home at a time when many modern relationships exist solely online, what happens when you meet your virtual infatuation in the flesh? Jared struggles to understand which parts of the relationship are real, and which exist only in the mind, as his friendship with “the girl” evolves, he continues to obsess over her online occupation.

We have an exclusive clip from the film to share below.  Have a look and tell us what you think…