The Love Witch Opens in LA Next Week

The Love Witch is opening in Los Angeles at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 16

Visionary director, writer, musician, costume designer and possibly greatest artist alive Anna Biller’s remarkable, shot-on-35mm film, day-glo metaphorical horror/drama/romance/satire/fever-dream The Love Witch has been garnering plenty of buzz and glowing reviews over the past few months (read our slobbering review here) and now finally, future fans in the LA area will have the chance to see this erotic bauble themselves, on the big screen and projected in glorious 35mm.

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Starting Friday, November 11th and running until November 16th, LA’s Nuart Theatere (11272 Santa Monica Blvd.) will run The Love Witch, using that aforementioned 35mm print. This is a movie that demands you to see it theatrically, to lose yourself in its ethereal dream like haze. The Love Witch is as if Douglas Sirk directed Suspiria. A must see.

And, after the Friday and Saturday  7PM shows, and after the Sunday 4PM show, there will be a Q & A with main cast!


You can pre-purchase your tickets for the film here.

For a list of screenings of The Love Witch on 40 other screens, including Irvine, Pasadena, New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Portland, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Santa Fe, Tucson, Philadelphia, Seattle, and many other cities, go here.

Have you seen The Love Witch yet? What did you think?


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