Trailer: Stoner Horror Comedy Halloweed

Stoner comedy horror flick Halloweed releases new trailer

No doubt chronic horror fans are using Halloween as an excuse to blaze up and, when pot-head film fans are high, they’ll need something to watch. May we humbly recommend Halloweed, a new comedy/stoner/slasher/mystery genre hybrid with a heavy hitting cast of cult movie all-stars including Simon Rex, Shannon Brown, Jim O’Heir, Michelle Mueller, Jayson Bernard, Robert Craighead, Ray Wise, Jason Mewes, Deje Dee, Lester Speight, Danny Trejo and Tom Sizemore. The film is on VOD now and will hit DVD on November 8th from Screen Media Films.

“‘Halloweed’ is an homage to the slasher horror films I grew up with combined with the fun of buddy comedies and stoner films, with a bit of classic John Waters inspired twisted humor added to the mix,” said co-producer Jayson Bernard. “(co-producer) Roberto Rosario and I had been looking for a comedy to produce as our first feature for J&R Productions, and when the project came our way, we knew this was the one,” he added.”


In Halloweed, Trent Modine and his goof-ball step brother Joey, try to escape the infamy that comes from having a serial killer, The Bridgeport Butcher, for a father  (Sizemore). Seeking a new start, they find refuge in the small town of Mooseheart. It does not take long before the besmirched family name catches up to them. Joey, a free spirited stoner seemingly oblivious to his sexual orientation, and Trent, a love sick pessimist, look like the main suspects after a string of murders, similar to a rash of killings 30 years earlier, coincidentally begins just as they arrive in town. It is a race against time because a slash-happy killer on the loose and the bodies are piling up!

Check out the hazy new Halloweed trailer below. If you’re not too baked, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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