Book Review: Feeding Hannibal – A Connoisseur’s Cookbook


Book Review: Feeding Hannibal - A Connoisseur's Cookbook

Feeding Hannibal – A Connoisseur’s Cookbook review

When NBC dropped the heart-wrenching news that fan-favorite Hannibal (created by Bryan Fuller and based on the Thomas Harris novels and film franchise) was to be cancelled only after three short seasons due to poor ratings even though it was showered in critical praise, the faithful fan base created a petition (which this writer also signed) to keep the show alive on another network. For a brief moment, it really felt like Netflix would take the bait, but sadly, nothing came to fruition and Hannibal would sadly see no life beyond a third season, all the while leaving this aching void with the folks who tuned in every week.

But before Hannibal could become another television memory, the good book people over at Titan Books were busy baking up something exquisitely sinful: a new Hannibal morsel that we can all dine on, literally. Titan has just served up Feeding Hannibal by Janice Poon (the Toronto-based award-winning painter, author, and sculptor) who brought to life (depending on your point of view) all of Hannibal‘s mouthwatering cannibalistic meals and food displays. All the stunning creations orchestrated by Dr. Lecter, were in fact the genius of Janice Poon. To be blunt (force trauma), Feeding Hannibal, is simply a cookbook but unlike those boring cookbooks everyone’s familiar with, Feeding Hannibal takes it to a whole new level with flare and some behind-the-scenes insights and photography.

This pseudo-making-of cookbook is more like a diary from Poon while on set, a nice companion piece to the beautiful show we all loved. Hannibal may not have connected with the average television audience, but to deny the show’s gorgeous aesthetic on all levels from the cinematography, to the haunting score, to the horrific crime scenes, and yes, the beautiful food displays would be a crime against the creators and all involved, especially Poon. The culinary artist and now author’s work is truly visionary, pouring every ounce of creativity into all the dinners, lunches, desserts, snacks, oh and the delightfully sinful drink concoctions almost became an un-credited character, they were that stunning.

Feeding Hannibal is a must for every kitchen or coffee table; it is a 240-page hardcover guide to indulgence – Dr. Lecter style. If you were faithful folks who watched the show and found yourself all of sudden craving one of the fancy drinks Lecter would have at his dinner parties, this book will put an end to that craving… the drink recipes are all here. There are even recipes here for the more seasoned pallet, for the brave and adventurous.

A Connoisseur’s Cookbook also features a wonderful forward by Mads Mikkelsen and an array of insightful passages by Poon about the thought process that went into most of the entrees featured on Hannibal. Feeding Hannibal is playful and full of drool inspiring creations; it will satisfy all of the senses – especially, taste

As a side note, all of the dishes and recipes actually contain zero body parts and no human meat. Sorry to bum you out…

You can order your copy direct from Titan Books here.

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