British Artist Ashley Thorpe Unleashes Original Horror Print Collection


British Artist Ashley Thorpe Unleashes Original Horror Print Collection

Fine artist Ashley Thorpe releases limited edition prints from some of his post popular paintings

Although known to many for his baroque animated short films, Scayrecrow, The Hairy Hands, his forthcoming Borley Rectory and most recently the playful opening sequence for the October Society’s Tales of Halloween anthology feature, animator, writer and illustrator Ashley Thorpe has pursued and explored his obsessions via many disciplines with equal gusto. He is the author of two of the Glass Eye Pix “Tales From Beyond the Pale” radio plays (“The Demon Huntsman” & “Dead Man’s Shoes”) and his illustrations have graced many a genre periodical, including two covers for Fangoria magazine.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea first and foremost and the pursuit of it. No media is sacred in the pursuit of the idea. Sometimes it is best suited for prose, sometimes exploring through paint and of course with animation you can play in the abstract between. As much as I love animation, it can be a very intensive – sometimes mathematical – process. Whereas painting for me is a way to relax and ‘reconnect’. I came into film making and animation via painting and I find returning to it very therapeutic. I essentially paint for fun, so just like when I was a boy painting all my favorite monsters when I do paint I have a tendency to lean towards the images and icons I still obsess over.”

Although his output has been prolific Ashley has rarely given an opportunity to purchase his work. For a limited time Ashley Thorpe is offering signed and numbered editions of four of his most popular works as 18 x 12 inch prints. Professionally printed on quality stock, they’d look great in any night gallery.

The collection features Christopher Lee as Dracula, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, Doug Bradley as Pinhead and Peter Cushing as Grimsdyke from Tales From the Crypt (an image originally commissioned for Fangoria’s Brit horror special).

Each print is limited to only 20 in number so don’t delay. Prints cost £15 for UK orders and £20 (standard) or £27 (tracked) for international.

To order these prints contact Thorpe directly at [email protected]

And be sure to visit the official Ashley Thorpe/Carrion Films website.