Slovenia’s Killbillies Coming in October


Slovenian slasher movie Killbillies coming to DVD from Artsploitation Films

Slovenian slasher movie Killbillies coming to DVD from Artsploitation Films

The “hillbilly horror” flick is by an large an American phenomenon, a sub-genre kicks started by John Boorman’s Deliverance and then ground up to extremity with Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the dozens upon dozens of rural slaughter-fests that followed.

But now, proving that the American South does not hold a monopoly on sexually-depraved, bloodthirsty hillbillies, Slovenia’s Killbillies (aka Idyll) is set the be released via Artsploitation Films on DVD and VOD on October 25. It’s actually the first horror film made in Slovenia ever, which makes it historically important as well as revoltingly gory and unnervingly inbred.

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Synopsis: A group of fashionistas from the city, including models Zina and Mia, make-up artist Dragica and photographer Blitcz, begin to shoot on an idyllic countryside hilltop. But soon, two physically deformed psychopathic countrymen approach them and quickly attack. After the terrified group finds themselves chained in a basement and awaiting their gruesome fate, they decide they must fight no matter what the odds. A wild, bloody, taut clash ensues between urban and rural, women and men, between savages and civilized man.

What about you, dear horror fan? Any interest in checking out Killbillies?

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