Herschell Gordon Lewis (1929-2016)

Beloved splatter horror pioneer H.G. Lewis has died

We have just learned via our friend Lisa Petrucci on the Something Weird Video Facebook page that pioneering “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away. He was 87.

The Pittsburgh-born Lewis began his filmmaking career making “nudie cutie” films like 1961’s The Adventures of Lucky Pierre and 1963’s Goldilocks and the Three Bares with his producing partner David Friedman. But it was with 1963’s landmark gore opera Blood Feast that Lewis found the fame that would forever forge and define his pop culture legacy.

Blood Feast was a huge hit and Lewis followed it with equally notorious pictures like 1964’s Two Thousand Maniacs!, 1967’s The Gruesome Twosome and 1970’s The Wizard of Gore.

A gentleman, a scholar, a kind man who loved his fans and never pretended to be anything more than the showman he was, Lewis was beloved by generations and never stopped working or being active.

This writer met Lewis on several occasions and even performed with him live. I can attest to his sweet nature and humble character. He was one of the greats and we will miss him.

If you are a fan or are looking to explore Lewis’ work for the first time, Arrow Video is releasing a massive box-set of most of his key titles along with a loving, comprehensive series of documentaries and special features on October 25th.

We’ll leave with the words posted today by Lewis’ friend and widow of Something Weird founder Mike Vraney, the lovely Lisa Petrucci:

“Sad news. I’m sorry to have to tell you that Herschell Gordon Lewis has passed away. Herschell was a dear friend to Mike and I. Like an uncle. I’m glad we got to spend time so much time with him over the years. RIP to the Godfather of Gore, I’ll miss you…”

We all will. Rest in peace, Godfather…



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