Two Minutes with Tom Holland Web Series Announced

New series shines light on venerable genre director Tom Holland

Writer/director and world class cineaste Tom Holland is no stranger to genre fans. Holland is the writer of celebrated films like Psycho II, The Beast Within and the writer/director of Fright Night, Child’s Play and the ace Stephen King adaptations Thinner and The Langoliers.

Today, Los Angeles-based executive producer Jack Ulrich announced the launch of a GoFundMe Campaign for Two Minutes with Tom Holland, a twenty-two episode weekly documentary series which will feature Holland telling tales of his remarkable career, which began as a teen hearthrob actor in the 1960s and continues today as a major name in fantasy and thriller entertainment.

Directing the series will be indie filmmaker and producer Christian Ackerman (Hell’s Belles, Death House), with actress Carlee Baker (Lucky McKee’s The Woman) serving as the show’s host. Rounding out the production team is long-time horror journalist and screenwriter Sean Decker of

Says Holland, “I’d like to take a moment to thank the horror fans out there for their years of love and support of my work, and I look forward to many more years of scaring the hell out of you, and of telling you a little bit of how I did it, in Two Minutes with Tom Holland.”

Check out the show’s official Facebook page here and watch the trailer below.


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