The Goetz Brothers to Tackle Final Destination Writer’s Superstition


The Goetz Brothers to Tackle Final Destination Writer's Superstition

The men behind the Martyrs remake slated to direct new horror thriller Superstition

Plenty of you hated The Goetz Brothers’ 2015 remake of the classic French Canadian gorefest Martyrs.

We rather liked it.

You can read our review here.

Strong, stylish and with a solid emotional core, their remake was less nihilistic but more sensitive than the original. It was a remake done right.

Which is why we’re definitely on board for the brothers’ next flick, Superstition.

Superstition stems from a script by Jeff Reddick (the Final Destination films) and it was announced yesterday that the sibling duo are slated to direct.

Superstition takes place on a college campus that is suffering after a pair of otherwise unrelated deaths happen. The cynical students set up a “death pool” to see who will be the next to croak and when one of the sniggering lads actually wins the pool, things get very dark and very bloody.

Reddick will executive produce and Arthur Wylie, Carol Ann Shine, Dale Godboldo, and Stephanie Denton will be producing.

More on Superstition as we get it…