Exclusive Stills from Sensual Psychodrama Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

Exclusive stills from director A.D. Calvo’s Gothic horror drama Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

We’ve spoken about writer/director A.D. Calvo’s latest feature film, the arthouse Gothic psychological chiller Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl previously on these virtual pages. The movie is a moody, character-driven ghost story set in 1980 New England that, according to Calvo, is “a singular amalgam of ‘70s horror films such as ‘Burnt Offerings,’ the films of Mario Bava and female doubling tales like ‘3 Women’ and ‘My Summer of Love’;  he film winds through the thematic terrain of identity formation and the dangerous way in which small moral compromises can lead one down a slippery slope to larger ethical lapses.”

Dan Curtis. Mario Bava. Robert Altman. There’s also a Jean Rollin vibe here, and echoes of Jose Larraz’s Vampyres.

Last time we ran ink on the film, Calvo had given us a pair of stylish stills to show you. But at that point, the movie had only recently wrapped production.

Today we can talk in more definite terms in regards to Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl as Austin’s Fantastic Fest just recently announced that the movie will be having its World Premiere at the festival.

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Here’s the synopsis: Erin Wilhelmi (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) plays Adele, a shy and lonely farm girl. When Adele comes to town to care for her elderly, agoraphobic aunt (Susan Kellermann), she meets the worldly, self-possessed Beth (Quinn Shephard), and friendship blooms. Adele encounters dark forces in both Beth—whose cynical, weary world view belies her youthful appearance, and Aunt Dora—whose strange command over her house extends beyond the confines of her locked attic room.

We cannot wait to see this. I say “we.” I mean ME. This writer is slave to European flavored Gothic horror with female-centric storylines. No matter your tastes, there’s no denying that film has a great “look.”

See for yourself in the pack of pretty EXCLUSIVE photos in the gallery below. And be sure to visit the film’s official website for more details and watch the trailer here.


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