Is Max Landis Writing An American Werewolf in London Remake?


Is Max Landis Writing An American Werewolf in London Remake?

Is Max Landis writing An American Werewolf in London remake?

Screenwriter Max Landis took to Twitter early this morning to offer an interesting tease, saying: “Since I get the question all the time: There’s only one of my dad’s movies I’d ever be willing to try to remake and I’m already doing it.”

Landis’ father John directed a number of high profile films in his career, including The Blues Brothers, Trading Places¡Three Amigos!, Coming to America, but perhaps most importantly, An American Werewolf in London. Bloody-Disgusting did some digging and has come to the conclusion that Landis might be working on a reboot of the 1981 classic.

The site points to a few tweets Landis made last month discussing upcoming projects using codenames with one project titled “Moors.” With one of the many famous quotes from An American Werewolf in London being “Keep clear of the moors,” it’s possible that this could be the project Landis was teasing. Check back here for confirmation on the project as we learn it.

Starring David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, and Griffin Dunne, the original An American Werewolf in London was the winner of the first regularly-given Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling (previous winners Planet of the Apes and 7 Faces of Dr. Lao were honorary awards) for Rick Baker’s effects work on the titular Lycanthrope. 

A remake of the film was previously in development in 2009 from Dimension Films with a script by The Number 23 scribe Fernley Phillips; however, it managed to keep off of the moors.