The Horror of Jeff Goldblum



SHOCK examines the darker side of actor Jeff Goldblum.

After running our review of Scream Factory’s Blu-ray re-release of Philip Kaufman’s mesmerizing 1978 remake of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, we got to thinking about beloved American actor Jeff Goldblum.

The towering (in every respect – the actor stands 6’4) performer has made a mark in primarily comic roles, with many filmmakers channeling his unique, exaggerated features and wild-eyed, caffeinated line deliveries to amusing effect.

Witness his turn in the first two JURASSIC PARK films and you “get” the Goldblum charm: he’s smart, weird, sexy, funny and physical.

But, outside of his twitchy performance in BODY SNATCHERS, Goldblum has appeared in a plethora of darker films, some outright horror, some that play within the genre, some that are lighter of heart, some of which require the actor to mine the darkest parts of his persona.

Here then are a pack of pictures that feature the awesome Jeff Goldblum, framed in fantastical and frightening settings.

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