Exclusive First Look at Fantasia’s Fronti



VENTABLVCK releases images prior to the Frontières International Co-Production Market at the Fantasia Film Festival.

As the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival snakes its tendrils around beautiful Montreal, dozens of filmmakers at the Frontiers International Co-Production Market are showcasing their proposed projects.

Among them is Canadian director Gabriel Carrer who, with his Latefox Pictures team, took home the silver audience award for THE DEMOLISHER last year, winning best Canadian Feature. Now Latefox Pictures and Smak Studios have produced a high concept short film to reveal during Frontières during the Raven Banner Entertainment showcase in hopes to get some new knuckles to join their fight and get the film into production. 

That film is VENTABLVCK. The V sounds like an A, BTW….

Here’s the skinny:

On the outskirts of a city, violence explodes in a fashionable underground fight club, where opponents are blind folded. Liam, a lonely and mysterious young man who suppresses violent tendencies, keeps active by working as a pizza delivery driver for Ziad, an optimistic Syrian refugee who operates a small independent pizza joint in a rough part of the city. As the summer heat becomes uncomfortable, the pressure mounts on two local riff-raffs, Erica and Paul. They share a connection with Liam, and erasing a sizeable debt becomes a daunting and violent task with a psychotic nicknamed Warlock standing in their way.

Carrer and his team have sent SHOCK an exclusive pack of saturated screengrabs from the VENTABLVCK promo reel.

Have a look and stay tuned here for more on the film as it evolves.

Exclusive First Look at Frontiers

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