Exclusive Quotes: George A. Romero on Getting His Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame



Iconic filmmaker George A. Romero talks to SHOCK about his impending star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

SHOCK just learned the awesome news: horror and dark fantasy filmmaking legend George A. Romero will finally be getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The news officially hit earlier today via the official Walk of Fame press conference live stream.

Though fans have been campaigning for Uncle George to get his star for some time (with a surge of support at the 2015 Texas Frightmare Weekend instrumental in the nod), the maestro himself was still ample shocked when SHOCK contacted him to offer our congratulations.

Who would have thought that this movie loving kid from the Bronx would one day wind up here, with his name in terrazzo and brass on a Hollywood sidewalk,” said Romero.

It’s been a long, strange journey and I’m not even sure I belong on this beat. But it’s very cool and I’m very honored. This one’s for the fans.”

Ever the class act, that man.

It’s rare to find an artist who has devoted much of his professional life to making macabre entertainment receive a star. But really, one shouldn’t concern themselves with something as pedestrian as “genre” labels in this case. Romero helped invent an entire kind of extreme yet cerebral cinema. His landmark 1968 zombie film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was almost solely responsible for ushering in the American New Wave of grittier filmmaking. Sure, we can cite Arthur Penn’s BONNIE AND CLYDE, or John Schlesinger’s MIDNIGHT COWBOY as vital to paving the way for the fertile 1970s and thus transforming the shape of contemporary cinema.
But without NIGHT…forget it.
And later, in 1978, his DAWN OF THE DEAD would do the same with strong, violent genre filmmaking in the 1980s.
Simply put, Romero is one of the most important creative minds in film history and this star is both well deserved…and long overdue.