NYC! Anna Biller’s 35mm Masterpiece THE LOVE WITCH to Screen at BAM Cinemafest


NYC film fest to screen acclaimed satirical horror film THE LOVE WITCH.

‘Round these parts, we are in rapturous, googly-eyed love/lust with Lady Anna Biller‘s delirious cupcake of an arthouse horror film THE LOVE WITCH (read our perversely positive review here) and we want to make sure as many people know about it and see it as humanly possible.

So, with that gush, if you happen to live and love in New York City, may we not-so-humbly suggest you get your sweet ass to the 2016 BAM Cinemafest where, on June 24th at 9:30pm, the fest will screen this candy-colored feminist exploitation film the way it was meant to be screened…in gorgeous 35mm.

THE LOVE WITCH follows the sociopathic plight of impossibly beautiful witch Elaine (Samantha Robinson), who is addicted to the quest of finding the perfect man. She manipulates the process by drugging her hapless, horny would-be paramours with a potent, home-made love serum that works all too well, turning her lovers into rabid saps, hopelessly addicted to her. Of course, when she gets what she wants, she quickly tires of them and her ‘victims’ wind up dead. As Elaine’s madness and narcissism accelerate, Biller (who directed, wrote, produced and designed the costumes) deftly ratchets the film from light, surrealist romantic satire to abstract technicolor psychosexual thriller.

There’s no other film quite like it…

For more on the BAM Cinemafest screening and to buy tix go here.


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