Watch an Exclusive Clip from THE HOARDER


A new clip from the upcoming horror thriller THE HOARDER.

It’s always a pleasure to see former THE O.C. actress Mischa Barton appear on screen, which is why THE HOARDER, a new (ish) psycho-thriller from director Matt Winn, is of some extra interest.

The movie (which was released already in Germany last year under its original title BUNKER) stars Barton as Ella, a young girl who, while sifting through her future hubby’s storage unit, gets trapped in the facility’s basement, where a drooling lunatic has a grim collection that goes beyond newspapers and pizza boxes. It aint exactly THE O.C., more The O.C.D, but it’s far more lethal…

The film hits DVD and VOD on April 5th from RLJ Entertainment but we have an exclusive sneak peek for you below. Have a look!

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