Schwarzenegger Hints at Another TERMINATOR Sequel!


Ahhh-nold says that he’s prepping for another round in the TERMINATOR world.

Pop culture icon and action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger has more than hinted that yet another entry in the venerable TERMINATOR franchise is a go.

In an interview yesterday on Australian TV,  Arnie – who has appeared as a cybernetic killing machine in all 5 of the TERMINATOR films to date – responded to questions about the possibility of a 6th entry with “I am looking forward to it, absolutely,”

And that’s it.

But that’s enough to get many internet pundits giggling and wondering why franchise-holding studio Paramount would want another TERMINATOR flick after the “failure” of last year’s underrated TERMINATOR: GENYSIS.

I hated the title. But I rather liked the film…

What did you think?

No matter, the movie is still being ridiculed as a flop when, in reality, it made a pile of dough overseas and almost 100 million in a SINGLE DAY in China, bringing its global theatrical take to well over 500 million.

That aint no flop.

So we say bring on TERMINATOR 6. And though Arnie is pushing 70, if he’s game to return, I’ll be there…


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