Concert Report Plus 39 Exclusive Photos: Ex-Misfits Singer Michale Graves Live in Dallas


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Ex-Misfits front-man Michale Graves live in Dallas.

The tiny but lively Dallas venue, Three Links, celebrated its three year anniversary this past Sunday night with a powerful concert blowout.  To honor the occasion, Michale Graves, former front man of The Misfits, the horror punk band that started an entire sub-genre of music, headlined the show. 

In case you are unfamiliar, The Misfits, out of Lodi, New Jersey, were formed in 1977 and originally fronted by Glenn Danzig.  They called it quits in 1983 and were resurrected in 1995 with renewed energy when Jerry Only and his brother, Doyle, brought Michale Graves on as the new singer.  It would only be fair to say that a large part of the renewed  interest in the Misfits was due to Graves’ involvement.  His soulful voice, energetic onstage performances and total immersion in the horror rock aspect of the band helped drive an entirely new generation of fans their way.  It really was a new band and many argue that it was better than ever.  Graves’ time in the Misfits is an era that many younger punk fans consider the resurgence of punk rock.

It’s been over fifteen years since he left The Misfits and solo artist Graves is clearly still going strong on his own.  He’s released a string of solid solo efforts over the years including a fascinating album called Illusions, that featured songs co-penned by the then-jailed, Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three.

Now on tour in support of his latest release, When Worlds Collide, Graves’ appearance in Dallas included two local bands as opening acts, From Parts Unknown, a spectacular three piece featuring an upright bass and Some Kind of Monster.  When Graves finally hit the stage after the second band, the crowd was electric.  To start the set, Graves launched into the blistering new track, Bedlam, from his current album.  But before the night was over, the audience was treated to just about every Graves era Misfits anthem they could have asked for, as well as a huge chunk of his solo catalog.  His band was obviously tight and knew how to energize the crowd.  Graves never slowed during the entire set except for a heartfelt speech right before the anthemic Fiend Club, where he explained his departure from the Misfits.  The night ended with Graves hanging out at his merchandise booth greeting fans.

Check out Graves’ official site for info on his current tour.

Graves’ newest album, When Worlds Collide, is out now from Hydraulic Entertainment.  It’s a true to form album grounded in horror that fans of his Misfits era efforts will love.

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