Tristan Risk-Starring ‘Vulture Culture’ Film THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY Seeks Funding


Actress Tristan Risk to star in dark drama THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY.

Our friend Tristan Risk, she of AMERICAN MARY, SAVE YOURSELF, the upcoming AYLA and so much more, alerted us to a new project she’s starring in and helping to get off the ground, a bizarre and intriguing project that explores the hidden world of ‘Vulture Culture’…
The film is called THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY and it’s a dark drama that follows a single mother-to-be who lives in isolation on the edge of the wilderness. She makes a living through her work with vulture culture: using the remains of dead animals to create pieces of art and memorialize the life that once was. As she attempts to overcome the struggles of parenthood, the forces of life and death pull her in opposing directions, and she must find a way to reconcile the two before they tear her apart.
Risk is set to star in the film, which is still in pre-production and seeking finishing funds via its official Kickstarter campaign.

The world of vulture culture remains a largely unexplored. Most people have never even heard of it, and there are almost no films on the subject. Director Nick Meunier’s THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY aims to bring exposure to this community and further explore their ideologies through a dark and heart-felt story.

More on the project as we get it…



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