This is Not Doug Bradley…But Meet the Next Pinhead!



Next actor to play iconic Pinhead role announced.

Bloody Disgusting revealed today the freshly announced cast of director Gary Tunnicliffe’s upcoming franchise entry HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT, including the face of the man who will be the next Pinhead.

The most famous cenobite in the Barkerverse will be played by SIN CITY and SUPER actor Paul T. Taylor, seen above. He seems happy.

The good news is that Taylor has a background in theater and considering the erotic and sensual appeal of Pinhead is his dramatic articulation and grandiose way of taking up space in the frame, a professional training in the use of projecting language and physicality is essential to the role.

You can read more about the rest of the cast (which includes A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET legend Heather Langenkamp) by dropping in on BD’s exclusive news story here.

Not much to say about this really.

We can forgive the turgid turd that was the previous HELLRAISER flick, the impoverished HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS and will give Tunnicliffe the benefit of the doubt that he might just make a good horror movie, because he’s an awesome and talented dude. And God knows that most of the HELLRAISER films after HELLBOUND weren’t exactly vital genre works…

It does still seem odd though.

It’s one thing for Clive to sit out on yet another sequel. But Doug Bradley is the face of HELLRAISER.

And he’s still very much alive, vital, active and full of fire.

He’s older. So…make Pinhead older. In fact…that would be rather awesome.

Doug is Doug.

It sure would have been nice to see him back in that make-up glowering and stalking and making fans’ hearts pump a bit faster.

I mean, I can “get it” if a giant studio sinks obscene amounts of dough into a full-blown series re-boot tailored for the multiplex and Happy Meals and whatever.

Sure, re-cast the role. Start again. Cool. Pay Barker and bring Doug on board in another fan-servicing supporting role.

But this is, ultimately, just another entry in the existing franchise.

It’s made for the existing fans.

And the existing fans want Doug Bradley.

But they aint getting Doug Bradley.

So the question is…who on (HELL ON?) earth is HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT being made for, beyond the morbidly curious?

Seems like a missed opportunity. A bit of a fruitless effort. And if it was a contract thing…a script thing…why not work a bit harder to make Doug interested enough to make it all worthwhile?

But again…there is little point in commenting until we actually SEE the film, right?



Stay tuned to SHOCK for more HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT stuff as we find it.





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