Exclusive Trailer Debut: Supernatural Shocker THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET



SHOCK debuts the first full-length trailer for The Keeling Brothers’ supernatural spine-chiller, THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET.

A bold (and masochistic) move on their part, twin brothers Aaron and Austin Keeling, born and raised in an allegedly haunted house, made the conscious decision to write and direct a film that dives head first into their adolescent nightmares.

Flat-sharing with phantom tenants since their diaper days planted an unstoppable fascination with all things otherworldly in the directing duo – so much so that they joined forces with their long-time friend and writing partner, Natalie Jones, to bring their fears to life in THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET. Armed with little more than a frighteningly frugal budget and sheer location scouting luck on Craigslist, the film admirably serves up some simple-yet-sinister shocks, ultimately owing to the skeleton crew’s homegrown resourcefulness and a truly disturbing, character-driven narrative.


THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET finds a seven-month pregnant Jennifer (Emily Goss, above) returning to Kansas with her husband Luke (Taylor Bottles) after a particularly rough patch in their lives. Still struggling to get her life back on track, with the added burden of pre-maternal anxieties, odd things begin happening in their new rental home and Jennifer begins to question her acumen as she attempts to find out what, if anything, is plaguing the house.

The film hits DVD and VOD in the UK through Raven Banner and Second Sight this coming Monday, February 1st, whilst Raven Banner has also struck up a deal with Terror Films for imminent U.S. distribution.

Stay tuned for further details regarding the U.S. release, along with other territories. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and feel free to sound off in the comments section after the jump.