HARRY POTTER Star’s ‘Farting Corpse’ Flick Spurs Walkouts at Sundance



Farting zombie comedy prompts mass audience exodus at Sundance premier.

Rock video directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s feature film SWISS ARMY MAN is sharply dividing audiences at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Some love it. Some are calling it a stinker. Literally.

The deranged, surrealist black comedy stars Paul Dano (THERE WILL BE BLOOD) as a guy who finds a farting zombie washed up on a beach. The gaseous but cheery ghoul is played by none other than Daniel Radcliffe, very far removed from his days as everyone’s favorite boy-wizard in the HARRY POTTER films.

Outside of breaking wind continuously, Radcliffe’s character also sports a perpetual erection.

Variety reported last night that the twisted tale prompted a mass audience exodus during its premiere, with the sneering walker outers dismissing SWISS ARMY MAN as one big, long, morbid fart joke.

Sounds okay to us!

We’ll lay more SWISS ARMY MAN news on you when it, er, breaks…