Help Get The Goblin Head From MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE On Stage with AC/DC!




Do your part to get the MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE head on stage with AC/DC!

We’re huge fans of Stephen King’s thus far only directorial effort, 1986’s MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. You can read about that peculiar passion by going HERE.

In the piece linked above, we talked about a great dude named Tim Shockey, a former video store owner and prop collector who rescued the burned-up Goblin head from MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE from a junkyard and spent years painstakingly restoring it. You can read all about The Goblin Project by going HERE.

For years, Shockey has tried to get the attention of legendary Australian rock band AC/DC (as the band provided the roughneck music for the movie) in the hopes that he could get them to endorse the big, beautiful, green glowing Goblin head.

Now, the man is taking the truck by the tailpipe and trying to rally fans to get that thing up on stage where it belongs!

From The Goblin Head’s official Facebook page:

“Maximum Overdrive fans everywhere we need your help! AC/DC has 2 concerts in Ohio March 2016, Columbus and Cleveland. We feel the Green Goblin head should be on stage with them! If you do too, please share on your page and any AC/DC page or website you can find! Thanks!”

So it’s simple. Go to that there Facebook page and share the shit out of that post.

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And if you have an in with Angus Young…have a word with him.

Let’s make the legion of AC/DC and MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE fans dreams come true!