Director Bernard Rose’s New FRANKENSTEIN Flick Locks Street Date



CANDYMAN director’s revisionist take on FRANKENSTEIN due out in February.

Bernard Rose hasn’t made many horror movies but the ones he has made have spoken loudly, chiefly 1988’s haunting PAPERHOUSE, his bona fide dark fantasy classic, 1992’s CANDYMAN and the underrated 2005 noir SNUFF MOVIE.

Which is why we’re excited to see him back making challenging, interesting genre films with his latest picture, simply called FRANKENSTEIN

But don’t expect a blackly comic romp like the recent VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN or a super hero riff like the doomed I, FRANKENSTEIN here. Instead, Bernard Rose’s FRANKENSTEIN is a contemporary tale, taking the idea of the stitched-together undead creature (named, as in Mary Shelley’s novel, Adam) and re-imagining him as a homeless, wandering child forced to be faced with how cold, careless and calculating mankind can be.

Alchemy has just announced that the film will street on Blu-ray and DVD on February 23rd, after its successful international festival run.

FRANKENSTEIN is both written and directed by Rose and stars Carrie-Anne Moss (FIDO, THE MATRIX), Xavier Samuel (FURY, THE LOVED ONES), Danny Huston (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN).

Check out the trailer below: