Composer Joseph LoDuca’s score for TV’s ASH VS. EVIL DEAD to release this week.

Notable record label Varèse Sarabande will release the original soundtrack to the Starz hit series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD this week, first digitally on December 11th, then next week on December 18th for the official CD release.
The album features the full score used in the series, composed by veteran, Emmy award winning composer Joseph LoDuca, the man behind Sam Raimi’s original EVIL DEAD Trilogy and whose eloquent sounds were most recently heard in the Nicolas Cage thriller PAY THE GHOST.
“What makes the EVIL DEAD saga unlike any other franchise is its ability to jerk the audience between horror and humor,” LoDuca stated. “Bruce coined a term for this unique genre: Splatstick. The score is like films in its approach: The music plays the straight man. That means the drama is dead serious; the action is intense; and the horror is treated with shock and dread. As a result, the humor lies in its juxtaposition to the music, and only on rare occasions does the music give in.”
For more information on the release, visit the Varese Sarabande website.



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