Exclusive: Poster Revealed for B-Movie Legend David DeCoteau’s TEEN WARLOCK


Prolific B-movie legend announces latest film 666: TEEN WARLOCK.

Indie B-movie legend David DeCoteau is like a shark in that if he ever stops moving, he’ll likely kick the bucket. Because DeCoteau just never stops making films (in fact his most recent hit was a shark flick…90210 SHARK ATTACK!). It’s what he does. It’s what he’ll always do. He’ll never stop. And we love him for it..

Now, the man who gave us SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA and CREEPOZOIDS has just wrapped his 120th credited film as director (God knows he’s made that many under a slew of pseudonyms) and it’s yet another in his unending made-for-cable horror/comedy exploitation efforts bearing a curious numerical title.

This one is called 666:TEEN WARLOCK. And The Double D has given us first look at the poster/cover art, above.

“I loved the 70’s and 80’s teen comedies from Crown International,” DeCoteau says of his latest lowbrow, sex, laughs and chills romp.

“I saw most of them in the theater on opening weekend. I also love the horror movies from that era. So I decided to combine the two genres and 666: TEEN WARLOCK is the result!”

666: TEEN WARLOCK stars sultry Crown International veteran Hilary Shepard (PRIVATE RESORT, WEEKEND PASS and the Evil Queen from the series MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS) and another POWER RANGERS alumni, JASON FAUNT (Red Power Ranger).

666:TEEN WARLOCK is written by THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky and will release in June 2016 on all VOD platforms including iTunes, Comcast, Vudu, Amazon VOD and on DVD (which will include another Double D joint, 3 SCREAM QUEENS) where all DVDs are sold! 

For more on the wild world of David DeCoteau his official site.


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