ROCK ‘N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE Legend Jon Mikl Thor Subject of New Doc


Metal and cult film hero John Mikl Thor subject of new documentary.

Canadian bodybuilder and heavy metal hero John Mikl Thor was renowned for showing off his manliness on stage by bending steel pipes, smashing bricks and blowing up hot water bottles. But his status as cult film superstar was locked down tight after his appearance in a pair of truly awful/awesome horror movies in the 1980’s: the ridiculous ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE and the sublime and ridiculous ROCK ‘N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE.

And while many people hold those two films (especially the latter picture) near and dear to their celluloid souls, some were left wondering what the Holy Hell happened to Thor?

Well, director Ryan Wise’s acclaimed documentary I AM THOR aims to fill in some of these blanks; it’s a tale of a mighty metal warlord rising from the ashes to take one more hammer-down on a comeback. It’s dramatic, funny, surreal and most of all, a portrait of a man who is unlike any other man that we’ve ever met.

Watch the trailer below:

I AM THOR hits theaters and digital download on November 20th from Dark Sky Films.


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