Toronto Area! Win Tickets To See EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL Live This Week


Splatterific musical returns to Toronto area stage with new Oakville production; SHOCK has tickets!

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, the scrappy, sanguinary rock and roll stage-locked remix of Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD (with a dose of ARMY OF DARKNESS), was birthed in Toronto, Canada back in 2003 before it spread its tendrils across the continent.

Now, the only musical that contains a “splatter zone”, returns to the Toronto area this week, specifically, the scenic town of Oakville, Ontario, located just 20 minutes outside of Toronto. That’s right, EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL rolls out on November 3rd and 4th at 8pm at the beautiful (all the more perversely pleasurable to see it soaked in blood) Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts located on 130 Navy St., right by the scenic harbor.

If you’re based in and around Toronto (or like me, your humble editor, in Oakville itself) and want to check out one of the performances, SHOCK has some tickets to give away.

To win, drop an email to me at with the words “DEAD IN OAKVILLE” in the subject line. A stack of lucky winners will be chosen at random.

And don’t forget to watch Raimi and franchise star Bruce Campbell’s ballistic new TV series expansion of the EVIL DEAD universe, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD every Saturday night on Starz.

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