The 10 Most Haunting Posthumous Performances in Horror

Extraordinary Tales

Whether he was battling James Bond, Yoda, Gandalf or Van Helsing, Christopher Lee will always be remembered as an immaculate onscreen villain. Offscreen he was one of the most honored and respected British actors in the industry, who continued to work as a consummate professional until his death in June at the age of 93. 

In honor of the late Christopher Lee’s vocal performance narrating the Edgar Allan Poe story “The Fall of the House of Usher” in the new animated film Extraordinary Tales, we’re running down ten extraordinary actors who proved life after death is possible in the world of horror cinema. Like any solid working actor Lee had a few roles banked before he passed away, although readers of this site will always remember him most fondly for his run as Count Dracula in nine films, seven for famed Hammer Studios. His vocal performance in Extraordinary Tales is, like all of his work, singular and brilliant. 

Extraordinary Tales opens in theaters and on iTunes today. It also features a posthumous role for the first horror icon in our list, so read on in the gallery below!

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