Pre-Order your ALIENS Queen Piggybank Today!

ALIENS vinyl bank now available for pre-order.
Considering we’ve been wringing our hands all week  at STYD unleashing news about Ridley Scott’s upcoming PROMETHEUS sequel ALIENS: PARADISE LOST, this blast of xenomorphic collectible coolness that just crossed our desk seemed worth a mention.
Diamond Select Toys have just announced another addition to their line of nifty ALIEN-centric swag, this one a deluxe vinyl bust of the badass Queen mother from James Cameron’s iconic 1986 sequel ALIENS, sculpted by Jean St. Jean. The lady comes complete with slot in her back for you to shove your spare change into, likely to save for the next killer ALIEN thingie Diamond unleashes.
At a reasonable $29.99, the bank won’t break yours and though it won’t be shipped until Spring 2016, you can pre-order yours now HERE.
And if your own mutha dares come near it, you can further the ALIENS fun by growling “GET AWAY FROM HER YOU…”
Actually, no. Don’t say that. Nevermind.

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