Holliston Will Return on GeekNation



Both the sad dissolution of Fearnet and untimely death of Gwar’s Dave Brockie saw Adam Green & Joe Lynch’s horror-tinged sitcom Holliston unlikely to return. GeekNation, the hub which hosts Green & Lynch’s Movie Crypt podcast has stepped up however, announcing alongside the filmmakers, that Season Three will premiere summer 2016 on the GeekNation digital network. 

In the series, which has long been proven near dear to the creators’ hearts, Green & Lynch star as budding genre filmmakers. Laura Ortiz and Corri English essay their girlfriends, and the four live life while a parade of horror and music special guests highlight a heightened, silly world. “In most cases, the trials and tribulations we have endured as a cast would mean the end of a series,” Green tells EW, who broke the news. “But this is Holliston and we are much more than just a sitcom. We are a bona fide family. By leaning on each other and embracing the overwhelming love and support of our fans, we never became disenchanted by our unfortunate circumstances or allowed our collective inspirational fire to go out.”

Actress and GeekNation co-founder Clare Kramer says, “With Holliston, Adam’s creation embodies the definition of intellectual humor combined with pop-culture creativity, creating what we believe is a cult phenomenon.We’re excited to partner on the third season, which will bring network-quality serialized programming to GeekNation for the first time.”

Expect more Holliston next year. You can of course keep up with its creators on their popular, revealing, podcast weekly.