German Angst: Artsploitation to Release Anthology from Nekromantik Director and More



German Angst, the sure-to-be jaw droppingly grotesque anthology from Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik), Michal Kosakowski and Andreas Marschall (Masks) will hit North America. via strange genre celebrators Artsploitation Films in 2016. 

With Artsploitation back in full swing, releasing titles like Der Samurai and Cub, their latest acquisition is yet another that fits a commitment to unique and often transgressive horror. In German Angst, we’re privy to three tales of love, sex and death in Berlin. The filmmakers, especially German Underground pioneer Buttgereit are still railing against society in bloody, upsetting form, it seems.

“Buttgereit’s “Final Girl” opens with a young girl caring for her pet guinea pigs, explaining in voice-over how one came to have only three paws. We soon learn about other things that are strangely absent – and present – in her home. Kosakowski’s “Make a Wish” tells the devastating tale of a deaf Polish couple crossing paths with a savage pack of neo-Nazis in an abandoned industrial space. An ancient talisman may prove to be the key to teaching their heartless attackers a crash course in empathy. Marschall’s “Alraune” follows a high-end fashion photographer’s descent into a kinky, members-only underworld of lust, drug addiction and body worship of the most literal — and fantastical — kind.”

Before its release next year, German Angst sees its North American premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival this weekend (above synopsis hails from the festival guide). For more on the omnibus, see its NSFW trailer and images, below. [Variety]

GERMAN ANGST – Official Trailer #1 from Michal Kosakowski on Vimeo.

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