Director Cary Fukunaga Floats from It Remake



The planned two-film adaptation of Stephen King’s It has lost True Detective and Jane Eyre’s Cary Fukunaga as director.

Having recently cast Will Poulter as nightmare fuel, Pennywise the Clown, and set to get underway in New York this June, It is now stalled indefinitely. The Wrap is reporting Fukunaga’s exit comes midst budget clashes with Warner Bros., who is producing It under New Line, where lower budgeted genre is the name of the game. Shooting on location in New York, plus Fukunaga’s initial hopes to have praised Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn as Pennywise were apparently points of financial contention.

There’s no word on the studio diving right in with another filmmaker, but the site indicates New Line may shift and hope to adapt It as one longer film instead of a two-parter which separates the main characters’ childhoods and adult lives. It of course sees a group of kids from Derry, Maine—known as the Losers Club—contend with a shape-shifting monster. They return to the town as adults upon “It’s” reappearance.

The loss of Fukunaga is a major one. The filmmaker brought great, Gothic sensibility to both Jane Eyre and True Detective. The prospect of him going out-and-out horror was a truly exciting one, indeed.