Exclusive: Infamous Austrian Horror, Angst Goes Theatrical


Just this week, Cult Epics revealed Blu-ray and DVD plans for Gerald Kargl’s Angst, a notorious, incredible film that’s largely gone unreleased on home video. Graphic and entirely unhinged, the 1983 home invasion horror is also a technical marvel with Kargl and cinematographer Zbigniew Rybcynski’s camerawork mirroring the main character’s psychotic state. This, coupled with lead Erwin Leder’s performance, makes Angst quite the big screen experience. Perfect then that Cult Epics is also sending the film out on a theatrical tour prior to its August 18th arrival on disc.

Below, find the full release and theatrical dates for Angst, which sees a man released from prison and immediately act on murderous impulse. The insane killer breaks into a home and a still-stunning ordeal ensues. Famously, Irreversible and Enter the Void’s Gaspar Noé loves the film, having called it “the rarest unknown masterpiece of cinema.” Rybcynski is  set to appear at LA screenings, which will surely yield exciting and incredible discussion of technique and production.

Cult Epics will present director Gerald Kargl’s ANGST (1983) uncut and uncensored for the first time in U.S. theaters, starting June 10, 2015 at Cinefamily (611 N Fairfax Ave., L.A., 90036). ANGST is one hell of a gorgeously stylized and shockingly visceral experience: a forgotten classic on the fringes of the slasher cycle. Zbig’s innovative “first person” camerawork grabs you by the throat, never letting go.

The exclusive Los Angeles engagement of ANGST includes a rare personal appearance by the film’s cinematographer, legendary Oscar-winning Polish animator/experimentalist Zbig Rybczynski. Mr. Rybcynski will be in attendance for a special introduction and Q&A at several screenings.

Scored by Krautrock synth god Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), ANGST stars Erwin Leder (DAS BOOT, SCHINDLER’S LIST) as a maniacal killer based on the real-life serial murderer Werner Kniesek. Director Gaspar Noé (IRREVERSIBLE, ENTER THE VOID, LOVE) calls ANGST “the rarest unknown masterpiece of cinema” and cites the film as a major influence, “one that I have watched more than 40 times.”

Following the Los Angeles screenings, ANGST will be showing at independent theaters and festivals in cities across North America through fall 2015 (additional theaters TBA.)

6/10/2015 – Cinefamily, LA – Zbigniew Rybcynski in person!

6/11/2015 – Cinefamily, LA – Zbigniew Rybcynski in person!

6/12/2015 – Cinefamily, LA – Zbigniew Rybcynski in person!

6/13/2015 – Cinefamily, LA – Zbigniew Rybcynski in person!

6/15/2015 – Cinefamily, LA

6/16/2015 – Cinefamily, LA

6/17/2015 – Cinefamily, LA

6/12/2015 – Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle

6/13/2015 – Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle

6/20/2015 – Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle

6/17/2015 – Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, Houston

6/19/2015 – Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston

6/20/2015 – Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston

7/10/2015 – Hi-Pointe Theatre, St. Louis

7/11/2015 – Hi-Pointe Theatre, St. Louis

7/10/2015 – Nitehawk Cinema, NYC

7/11/2015 – Nitehawk Cinema, NYC

7/10 – 7/16/2015 Gateway Film Center, Columbus, OH

7/16/2015 – The Royal Theatre – Rue Morgue Cinemacabre, Toronto

7/17/2015 – Doc Films, Chicago

7/18/2015 – Capital Theatre, Cleveland, OH

8/3/2015 – Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY


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