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Killogy, Life of Agony bassist-turned-acclaimed horror comic creator Alan Robert’s Brooklyn-based zombie opus is getting its own animated series, bringing to life the only-in-NY teamup between Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, The Sopranos), Marky Ramone, Brea Grant and guitar monster, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (The Misfits). Catch the tough talkin teaser, and words from Robert, below.

Based on the IDW award-winning miniseries, Killogy sees Vincent, Grant, Marky Ramone and Doyle battle it out in apocalyptic-Brooklyn when an ancient voodoo curse wakes the dead and floods the city with blood. It’s a splatter-heavy, madcap, blood rain and bubblegum vibe that feels particularly appropriate for the animated-series medium, especially when one considers Vincent and Doyle’s specific tones.

As the series seeks a home, Robert tells Shock, “Workin’ on the Killogy Animated Series Teaser has been an absolute labor of love these past few months. We partnered with a kick-ass group of Canadian animators at Squeeze Studio Animation that really loved the comics. They wanted to bring the look of the books to life and they nailed it perfectly. Frank, Marky, Brea and Doyle are all pros and were super excited to lend their voices for this bizarre mash-up. They get a real kick out of it! I had a blast writing the soundtrack, too. This is just the beginning! So much more cool stuff coming soon!”

Of the zombie threat, rooted in old-school voodoo side of the undead, Robert adds, “For me, the voodoo curse that triggers the apocalypse is such a great origin story, because it’s open ended and mysterious. You never know which powerful deities will be unleashed down the line. And that’s the real beauty of it. There’s literally an endless well of voodoo stories to expand on. Especially, when dealing with a legion of the undead and oceans of blood. Everyone’s doing the zombie virus thing, this is very different. These are possessed souls…mind-controlled killers. A bullet to the brain ain’t gonna kill these bastids. Plus, we’re goin’ old-school with it! Zombies originated in voodoo.”

For much more on Killogy, visit the official site here.

Killogy: The Animated Series – Teaser [NSFW] from Alan Robert on Vimeo.


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