U.S. Trailer, Stills: Belgian Scout Slasher, Cub



Jonas Govaerts’ Flemish-language boy scout neo-slasher Cub will arrive August 18th on Blu & DVD from Artsploitation Films. Get a look at the U.S. trailer for this handsome, mean-spirited horror, below. 

Cub concerns a camping trip which “turns into a carnage for a troop of cub scouts as a killer, aided by his feral young assistant, stalks them with deadly traps.” We should save some words for the review, but horror fans will get a supreme kick out of this movie, as well as the great score by Steve Moore (Zombi, 2014’s The Guest). It’s lean, gory and features that ultra creepy little guy above. 

CUB | Official Trailer | Artsploitation Films from artsploitation on Vimeo.

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